Thomas, Why

Thomas, Why have you come to

I want my wife to be a like me because even though no-one will admit it, sometimes you get to a stage in life.

You want someone that just hasn’t been influenced or exploited by their friends or other means.

Which in-turn impacts on their decision making in day to day life?

You see I’m lucky i didn’t get talked into it but there was many times where my mates have tried to get me with a girl.

Sometimes when I’m out with them or at school.

Sure i have ergs too but I’m willing to wait and not just be setup with whoever.

I mean my mates just don’t have patients anymore it’s like a fuse has blown.

They just don’t really think about things.

They just do whatever is going to impress their mates or make them happy.

I just want to make the right choice for me.

That’s the kind of person i want to be with.

I’m here to find a kind, thinking, and emotional, peaceful person so we can learn and enjoy together.