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Our Mission

We here at Find Virgins have created this exclusive service as per demand. This is the first of its kind venture, and the first of its kind service.

There are hundreds of thousands of single virgins out there waiting to connect with a like minded person but in this day and age as you may know, can be very exhausting and hard, not to mention embarrassing.

So we have come up with this secure and private way, where you can take your time and feel comfortable taking each step at your own pace.

Our Benefits

  • Over 10 years of excellent service
  • The best membership rates ever
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 60 days free membership
  • exclusive service
  • Private & secure
  • 50 free messages
  • 2 free photos
  • 5 free gifts

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The Team

George Peterson

Company Founder

Mary Blackwood

Marketing Director

Michael Caraway

Project Manager

Patrick Summers

Software Developer